Team Building

The Ropes Course enables participants to grow at a team and individual level by exploring leadership and communication concepts, problem-solving, and coaching. The Low Ropes Course focuses on collaboration; and challenges .The High Ropes Course emphasizes risk-taking, trust, and coaching.


  • Introduces a change of pace to everyday work life
  • Demonstrates the importance of teamwork.
  • Increases trust by supporting each other and sharing ideas.
  • Strengthens company-client relationships.

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Consider an Archery program within your experience at Camp Loughridge!! Safety is the Number 1 overall goal of archery, but through learning the basics of this *NASP/USA Archery certified program at Camp Loughridge archers will also gain from other numerous benefits. Besides the beautiful settings in which you will find either one of our two archery ranges, participants will gain the following:

Physical Benefits:

  • Improved health from being outside
  • Better Posture when shooting correctly
  • Better hand/eye coordination
  • Better Balance/Coordination

Mental Benefits:

  • Level playing field between males/females
  • Develop trust of self and others
  • Develop respect of self and others
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Develop Self-discipline/better behavior
  • Develop ability to focus
  • Develop sense of responsibility
  • Develop sense of accountability
  • Learn teamwork
  • Learn good sportsmanship

Archery programs are available for participants with special needs as well.

Join Camp Loughridge staff in an Archery Experience!!

*National Archery in the Schools Program