Coaching character – Fostering faith –  launching leaders

Attending summer camp can be a transformative experience for children, introducing them to new ways of living and thinking.  As campers mature, we want to continue investing in their development and promoting Christian growth.  With this goal in mind, the Counselor-in-Training program is a brand new Camp Loughridge experience that seeks to foster responsibility and confidence, while still nurturing the excitement of youth.

Our CIT program is a blended curriculum that spans two camps weeks.  In the first week, CITs participate in traditional camp activities with time set aside for in-depth Bible studies, volunteer projects, leadership studies, etc.  In the second week, CITs who demonstrate a commitment to Christian character will be paired with staff members to assist with various counselor, activity leader, and support tasks.

The CIT program will give campers a hands-on perspective of the preparation, self-restraint, creativity, endurance, compassion, and faith required to be a Camp Loughridge staff member and Christian mentor.

CIT dates and Fees

July Session

July 14th – July 26th