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"Engage young minds with our living lab to create a love, understanding, and wonderment of their natural world and themselves, and instill the courage to positively impact the communities where they live and beyond."

Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC

Engaging young minds with our living lab to create a love, understanding, and wonderment of their natural world and themselves
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC
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Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC
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CLOC Naturalist AND additional staff members from Camp Loughridge spent the two weeks during the teacher walkout with students at the First Presbyterian Church and their MAX Classroom experience. Students were from six to 12 years old and everyday was full of learning and fun!
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC2 weeks ago
Camp Loughridge Summer Camp will at Union's Summer Camp and Activity Fair on Sunday, April 8, from 2:00 to 5:00 at the Union Multi-Purpose Center, 6836 South Mingo Road. Come by and learn all about CAMP!
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC2 weeks ago

Camp Loughridge is a great place for outdoor learning, and a great place for weddings!!!!
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC2 weeks ago
CLOC and Camp Loughridge love our Teachers, AND the Students they inspire with discovery & WONDER. Love working with First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa MAX Classroom during walk-out to continue the learning and build the Faith in young lives! There is Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance in everything we do for kids to positively affect their life journeys 🙂 Check out Video!!
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC
Loughridge Outdoor Classroom - CLOC
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This will be an AWEsome Summer of fun and we hope as many Outdoor Classroom students can continue their journey of curiosity and discovery this Summer @ Camp Loughridge!!
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Go @1stchurchtulsa and THANK YOU to their wonderful Youth Ministry and the entire Staff and amazing volunteers who helped over the 10 days of the walk-out! You Rock! https://t.co/8936YZ2ybr
21 hours ago
We love our teachers @TPSTeachLearn , their wonderful students full of hope and wonder, and the amazing and gift staff @1stchurchtulsa who hosted displaced students from Emerson and Marion Anderson Elementary. @TulsaSTEM inspires discovery for the next generation https://t.co/8936YZ2ybr
2 weeks ago
Inspiring @TulsaSTEM and Faith with @1stchurchtulsa for @TPSTeachLearn students during walk-out. We LOVE our teachers AND the students they inspire! Go First Church and @CampLoughridge ! https://t.co/m7YMa4ce5I CLOCstem photo
2 months ago
THANK YOU TU STUDENT VOLUNTEERS for your Sat. work-blitz for Tulsa! You help make @CampLoughridge and @CLOCstem a better-safer place for nearly 6,000 students and campers - where we reveal the WONDER of this natural sanctuary! @chaplainjeff @1stchurchtulsa @ImpactTulsa @utulsa https://t.co/4kwQlcQYbM CLOCstem photo
2 months ago
Electronics attempt to create a VR that can never replace the community-fellowship, experiential scraps & bumps (GRIT), & reveal the WONDER in a camper's imagination of something bigger. Camps Matter! @CLOCstem @CampLoughridge @ACAcamps @gkff @1stchurchtulsa @campgrit @CAP_Tulsa https://t.co/L9iwv5f9qm
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Camp Widjiwagan @ymcacampwidji
Nothing matches the transformative capacity that camp can have on a child's life. Come to Widjiwagan and experience the POWER OF CAMP! https://t.co/creqJRfK8s https://t.co/Q2QRptHBJr
2 months ago
We love Reading Partners! @CLOCstem works upstream, outdoors in our living lab to bring books & textbooks to life - experiential STEM learning & getting messy in nature. Stories positively impact life journeys. @gkff @TulsaSTEM @SchustermanFoun @CampLoughridge @LobeckTaylorFF https://t.co/VnAdVWSFtt
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Reading Partners @RP_Tulsa
Week of Giving starts tomorrow. Here are a few ways to support @RP_Tulsa: https://t.co/akyY3rML9S https://t.co/AjxKLFNAzc
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Outdoor Classroom Field Classes for Primarily Students in Grades 5th & 6th

Camp Loughridge Outdoor Classroom (CLOC) brings sciences & social studies (STEM/STEAM) to life for students and teachers outdoors, where they naturally occur. The 5-hour program dovetails into current school specific curriculum and meets or exceeds Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) for grade specific Sciences, as the school year progresses.

Class sizes range from 20-50 students, with six required school-sponsored facilitators. The Class day generally entails three rotating activities focused on imagination, practical life/school skills and a nature walk, exploring some of the 188 acres and lake ecology of this nearly 100-year-old Camp site.

Pricing: $35/student, with scholarships available. Water bottles and Student Journals are provided. Please contact Program Director for scholarship availability for student fees and transportation. This is a school sponsored event. Bring your lunch and wear your old shoes!

We have a vision that kids from all circumstances will experientially gain from the Outdoor Classroom the grit necessary to succeed at school, in their future vocation and in relationships with their friends and family.
Our goals are to indelibly instill curiosity, respect, self-control, and social intelligence in our student’s character. To give them tools and life skills to take back into their families and community.

Nature challenges kid’s thinking. It provides them with valuable life lessons, and gives them confidence to deal with the scrapes and bumps that come along the way.



Here you will find a list of forms to make your outdoor adventure with us a success!

Call us today to be a part of our Outdoor Classroom! (918) 446-4194

“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor & attended to with diligence.” 
– Abigail Adams

An investment in a student’s educational experience brings forth future fruit that is unforeseeable. While we do offer scholarships, the typical pricing goes as follows:

Fee per student in the Day Program               $35

Contact the CLOC Team



Brian Bovaird- Program Director


Cheryl Cheadle- Lead Naturalist


Reese Hundley- Naturalist


Kim Watson- Naturalist