CREW Program

The Loughridge CREW Program will replace the old CIT program from years past. The goal of the CREW program is to raise up young people who are fully equipped and ready to step into a role of leadership on summer staff at Loughridge or wherever they feel led, church, missions, school, club or home.

The Loughridge CREW is a leadership training program for kids 13-15 years old.

C-R-E-W stands for the 4 Qualities of a Leader:

C: COMPASSIONATE: Participants will learn the value of compassion as an important tool that every leader must have in her/his toolbox. We will take a close look at the Gospels and examine those times when Jesus himself was motivated and moved by compassion. There are times when Compassion is that thing inside each of us that causes the Lord’s anointing to be pulled out of us. In other words, the Holy Spirit has given each of us a measure of compassion and it’s that compassion that connects with need and draws the Love of God out of us.

R: RESPONSIBLE: A responsible person is a person that can be relied upon. Their word is their bond, they can be depended upon. They will do the thing they promised that they would do. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of evidence in the world today. When you see it, it stands out from the crowd as somehow remarkable. Teaching responsibility will not be remarkable to the CREW. They will be taught what it is to be accountable, someone will be coming around to make sure they’ve done what they said they will do.

E: EQUIPPED: Leaders need to be equipped. They need to be equipped with:

* Skills: good leaders are made, not born. In other words, while many are born with a natural tendency toward leadership that’s usually not enough. Good leaders are those who have been mentored and trained over time. Staying on a constant course of learning is a good exercise for a leader…it keeps them humble, which is another important tool to be equipped with.

* Information: Leaders can’t be expected to lead effectively unless they are equipped with the information they need to make the right decision. In fact, a leader is only as effective as the information they possess.

* Experience: Good leaders have “been there, done that.” But what do you do when you’re young and trying to break into leadership? What opportunities are there for you to lead the first time? That’s why camp is such a great forgiving and safe laboratory for kids to try out and practice their leadership skills.

W: WISE: It may go without saying that leaders need to be wise but how do you obtain that wisdom? It has been said that wisdom is applied knowledge. Each day CREW members will participate in discussions where situations at camp are broken down. Where did leadership succeed and why? Where did leadership fail and why? Our goal in the CREW program is to produce kids who are “wise beyond their years.”

The Loughridge CREW will participate in equal parts:

* CAMP: Each crew member will be assigned to a tribe and spend time each day assisting the counselor in camper supervision, which can include everything from helping campers get a drink of water to helping them with their lunch, from answering questions to leading the tribe to the next activity, leading a game and more.

* SERVICE: At Camp Loughridge, we believe that the model of leadership in God’s kingdom is SERVANT LEADERSHIP. Scripture teaches us if you want to lead, you have to learn to be servant of all (Mark 9:35). To that end, the CREW will assist others on staff in lunch set up and clean up, including (but not limited to) table and chair set up, wiping down tables, cleaning spills, sweeping the floors, and emptying the trash.

* CLASS TIME: Every CREW member will also be required to attend a leadership class where they will learn various personality styles, leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses, leadership strategies and more.

The Loughridge CREW program is limited to 10 kids per two-week session.

CREW #1: June 5 – 16

CREW #2: June 19 – 30

CREW #3: July 10 – 21

CREW #4: July 24 – August 4

Price: $150 per session (Scholarships available)