Wedding Venues Tulsa : Different Trends

Michael: Hello my name is Michael Stairs. I’m the summer camp director at Camp Loughridge and we’re here today to talk about wedding venues Tulsa with Kinsey Rhodes who’s the wedding coordinator at Loughridge.

We are right here in January. It’s a brand new year and you wouldn’t think it but traditions and customs and ideas really change when it comes to planning a wedding. What are some of the new hot things going on– the news some of the wedding trends going on in 2017?

Kinsey: Yes it’s going to be a fun year with lots of loud trends that’s for sure.

Michael: Clowns.

Kinsey: Maybe not that loud. But who knows? But it definitely is going– I’m sure that every wedding venue Tulsa has different trends that they see and different taste. But you know I’m coming from the source of Wedding Wire, and the knot, and Brides of Oklahoma and all of these things that they are saying is going to be the hot thing for 2017. I feel like in the past, it’s all been about neutrals and understated and not much bling and a lot of florals was 2016, that we were trailing out of the rustic theme in to the–

Michael: Being understated a little bit.

Kinsey: Natural. Exactly so 2017, we’re going to see a lot of bold colors. We’re going to see a lot of unique things Wedding Venues Tulsa  in personalized things in the details like a lot of people are doing like the big packaged invitations that have like eight parts to them.

Michael: Oh wow. The little tissue.

Kinsey: Yes exactly. Escort cards, all of their nameplates, different ways of displaying name cards for when you get to the venue for your seating arrangement. Everything is more personalized.

Michael: Would you say that’s a move toward something a little bit more formal?

Kinsey: Yes. It depends. That’s one that you’ll see change and it’s not very uniform is the seating chart, the name cards, and that thing versus we’ll just put a sign up that says, “Sit wherever you want.” but the sign that’s it says whatever you want is going to be personalized. You guarantee it. We’re seeing one of our deejays the other day told me that they just invested in a confetti gun. Like I said, lots of loud trends; a confetti gun.

Michael: Now just to be sure we’re clear this is for the reception right?

Kinsey: Yes.

Michael: Talking about the ceremony itself. “I now pronounce you man and wife.” Pop.

Kinsey: I’m sure that they would give it to you for the ceremony too. But I would imagine that most people would use it for the reception.

Michael: Oh good, I can just hear the maintenance cleanup people at Loughridge. Went “Oh great. We have confetti.”

Kinsey: That would not go over well. But I do feel like in 2016 everything was understated very well. But it’s even the understatement was still done up very well. But now everything’s going to be loud in your face. Lots of colors, lots of bright colors are coming back. Everyone’s talking about green is going to be popular 2017. Blingy bridesmaid dresses, blingy table decors, the bling and color is coming back for 2017.

Michael: How exciting, now when you say green, you’re not talking like St. Patrick’s Day green, right?

Kinsey: I think it’s going to be like a nice floral green. Flowers and greenery is still going to be big too for the bride that might not be glitz and glitter but there’s going to be some fun things happening along with a confetti gun.

Michael: That’s good. How important is it for a bride to pick a theme or pick an overall look or design? Why can’t they just say “I want a little bit of this and I want a little bit of that.” what are some of the pros and cons of locking yourself in with one thing as opposed to run in the gamut?

Kinsey: It’s your day so you make the rules. It would look very odd if you got married or your bridesmaids were wearing orange and then you went to the reception and all the table cloths were green. Like I said, it’s your day so you make your rules but making a decision early on “This is the field that I want.

This is the color scheme I’m going for and that’s what I’m going to stick with for the next year of planning.” A lot of people run into the problem if they changed their mind or their engagement so long so they start planning a year and a half in advance and then six months before the wedding the trends are completely different Wedding Venues Tulsa . It’s just making up your mind and sticking to it is really important.

Michael: I can see that probably one of the first questions that a florist is going to ask you or a photographer or some of those vendors is, is there a theme? Or what kind of theme are you having for the day?

Kinsey: What kind of feel are you going for?

Michael: That gives them context to know how to set up or how to price or what they’re going have to have available.

Kinsey: Yes exactly. We’re going to see a lot of fun cakes in 2017. People are putting a lot of patterns on cake now Wedding Venues Tulsa. There’s this drip looking a trend that’s going on right now.

Michael: Like a candle wax drip?

Kinsey: Yes it looks like some paint dripping from the layers of the cake. It’s actually really cute. There’s this thing called naked cakes where it looks like there’s no icing on the cake but with a bunch of like berries or flowers or something like that naked cakes. The Bundt Cakes are coming in. I’m planning a wedding right now where in May that every single table is going to have a Bundt cake on it.

Michael: Oh instead of one big wedding ring you’ve got several.

Kinsey: Yes. Lots of fun things with cake. A lot of food displays are going to be changing like creative– like a wall of donuts or the nontraditional wedding cake.

Michael: Well I do remember. I’ve been to a couple of weddings where instead of a single wedding cake there were cupcakes.

Kinsey: Yes people still do that and they’re still doing different ways to display your appetizers and caterers are getting even more creative.  Wedding Venues Tulsa It’s not really the candy and nuts bar any more. It’s a big display.

Michael: Well, again my name is Michael Stairs and we’re talking with Kinsey Rhodes who’s the wedding coordinator at Loughridge. Kinsey, tell me is it still popular for guys to wear tuxedos?

Kinsey: Yes but you can get a little bit more creative, even in the article from that I was reading. The groom had a full floral suit on.

Michael: Oh get out.

Kinsey: I’m so serious.

Michael: You mean like flowers on it.

Kinsey: They had flowers printed. It was a white suit and it had flowers printed.

Michael: He loves his good wife.

Kinsey: Yes. Who knows? He could have picked it up.

Michael: Well, yes I suppose that’s true.

Kinsey: Guys are even getting creative. The whole, even Tulsa, there’s a company founded in Tulsa that is wooden bow ties that are pretty cool. It’s called two guys with bow ties. You can put the Tulsa skyline in your bow tie. People are getting really creative. The guys are thinking it’s time for them to be able to have some fun so.

Michael: So you could do pistols firing or boomer center?

Kinsey: Exactly, yes on your bow tie I’m sure your fiancé would love it.

Michael: Yes that what we were talking about colors you can do orange and black. That’s not hard.

Kinsey: Yes, sure. That’s a really popular color theme.

Michael: Do you usually see the theme more at the reception than you do at the ceremony itself?

Kinsey: Yes every wedding venue Tulsa will be different. But especially at a place like Loughridge where the chapel is it’s got a huge A-frame window that looks over a lake. A lot of people don’t even decorate that much in the chapel the building speaks for itself. Wedding Venues Tulsa So your creativity and your theme and your colors really come out in the reception Wedding Venues Tulsa.

Michael: Tell us a little bit about the facility at Loughridge and what makes it a great facility for someone that comes in with a very strong idea of the theme that they want to have. It’s kind of a clean slate.

Kinsey: It really is. The conference center, our reception hall which holds 300 people, it’s got high vaulted ceilings that we can hang drapes from. It’s got a little bit of a log cabiny look, but it’s just a huge room that you can do whatever you want with a couple mantles to decorate. You can do whatever you think for the tables. It really is a blank canvas that you can– It’s really customizable.

Michael: That’s great. There’s big advantages to that. I would think that if a bride chooses a church that’s good but that’s you’re locked into the stained glass the more traditional–

Kinsey: Right exactly. There’s hardly any, the amount of venues that can hold 300 people all in the same room too.

Michael: Right, I was going to bring that up. You mentioned 300 people but there’s not that many weddings venues in Tulsa that accommodate that kind of crowd.

Kenzie: Yes. There’s really not. If they can then it’s some people flood into this room or you can have 300 at the ceremony but you can’t have 300 at the reception something like that. But at Loughridge you can have 300 at the ceremony either indoor or outdoor at our lakeside sanctuary or end at the reception.

Michael: Tell us where Loughridge is.

Kenzie: We are two miles west of the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center West on 71st Street up by the Oaks Country Club.

Michael: It’s a great kind of countryside venue but not that far from the city.

Kenzie: Not that far, whenever we say we have 188 acres on 71st Street people don’t believe me but I promise we’re there Wedding Venues Tulsa.

Michael: That’s great. Thank you for joining us. My name is Michael Stairs at Loughridge with Kinsey Rhodes who is the wedding coordinator.

Kenzie: Thank you.

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