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Michael: Good morning my name is Michael Stairs and I’m the summer camp director at Camp Loughridge here in Tulsa talking about Tulsa summer camps but specifically about Camp Loughridge. What is it that makes Camp Loughridge different? Why should you consider sending your child to Camp Loughridge this summer?  Wedding Venue Tulsa Well, first of all, I probably need to remind you that a couple of things.

The programs that Camp Loughridge offers are day programs. We are involved in day camping so that means kids arrive every morning about 8:30 and they depart every afternoon about 5:00 between 4:30 and 5:00.It’s a great option for working parents and the other thing that makes Camp Loughridge unique among Tulsa summer camps is our location. We are just five minutes West of Tulsa Hills on West 71st Street up on the hill.

It’s a great drop off and pick up spot for people who are commuting back and forth along Highway 75. What makes Camp Loughridge different? Well, it’s a unique Christian summer day camp for kids. We offer programs all through June and July, programs for kids who are six years old up to 12-year-olds. Now the six-year old, that is a new thing this summer. We haven’t offered programs for six-year-olds recently so we’re opening that backup Wedding Venue Tulsa.

We’ll go the four weeks of June then we take a week off during fourth of July and then we’ll go the last four weeks of July and that includes the first few days of August on that last session. One of the things that we’re excited about this summer and we believe that sets Camp Loughridge apart when you think of what is out there available in Tulsa summer camps is our CREW program.

Our CREW program is going to be a leadership development program for 13, 14 and 15-year-olds. Now, you heard me mention that our camp programs include kids up to 12 years old. A kid cannot apply to be on summer staff until they’re 16. We have this gap that we needed to try to find something for and instead of just offering another camp program that might mimic what other camps Tulsa summer camps are doing, we wanted do to something that was unique and special Wedding Venue Tulsa.

Something different; something that no one else was offering especially for this age group, critical age group of 13, 14 and 15-year-olds. This is a threshold age.

This is when kids are stepping into adulthood and it’s not just one giant step as you know. It’s several small steps and if you thing about this age group, 13, 14 and 15-year-olds, these are kids that are developing every day a little bit stronger sense of independence.

Of course, it culminates when they’re 16 and they get their driver’s license. But each step is another step toward independence. It’s a step away or I should say in a way, out from under the constant care and protection of their parents and they’re expected to make wise decisions. They’re expected to be good citizens. They’re expected to be responsible. We want to design a program that will help parents instill this in their middle school age kids.

The CREW program, the Loughridge CREW, it takes its theme from the CREW of rowers in a boat that everyone is pulling on the oars. Everyone’s moving in the same direction and they’re in a cane. They’re working together and that’s the word picture that we want with CREW. CREW is more than that the C-R-E-W actually stands for something Wedding Venue Tulsa.

At Camp Loughridge which is unique Tulsa summer camp. At Camp Loughridge, the CREW program C stands for character. How important it is for young people to learn that you should be a person of character.

Your character is who you are when no one’s looking. We can all perform. We can all put something out there on Facebook or Instagram that paints a picture of who we are but our character refers to that; the real us. The people that we are when no one is looking. Are we going to do the things that we said we were going to do or do we leave a false, a lie that’s not based in truth?

We are going to talk a lot about character among the CREW kids this summer. The R stands for responsibility. It’s important for kids especially, as they get ready to step into this adulthood. It’s important for them to understand and to begin to get used to the way of what the weight of responsibility feels like. What is it when someone’s counting on you to do something, when someone’s counting on you to say something or to be something. That’s what responsibility is.

Those of us that are adults, we can look back at the lessons in our life that we learn that there were certain things in our life that we learned at a young age that “This is just what I have to do. I may not like it. It may not be fun. I might cry probably all the way through but I’m going to get this done because there’s no one else to do it.” That’s what responsibility is all about and we want to instill this in the CREW kids.

E is equipped. Equipped means that there are certain skills that they need to equip themselves with. There are certain attributes that they need to be equipped with. They don’t step into adulthood with nothing. They should step in equipped, that they know how to do somethings.  Wedding Venue Tulsa That could be as easy or as simple as balancing a checkbook or changing a flat tire.

It could be even more complex, like understanding what their maybe their spiritual gifting is or understanding how they relate to the body of Christ in their area.

These are all things that these understandings are things that they could become equipped with. Of course, the W stands for wisdom. Wisdom to be able to make sometimes the hard choices and to understand that wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord.

Of course, Loughridge is always going to come from a scriptural Christian background that’s our routes. That’s our mandate. That’s what we’re going to be about and we will look to the book of Proverbs to understand better how we should lead others. Wedding Venue Tulsa We understand that wisdom that not everybody is wise. Just because you know a lot doesn’t mean you’re wise.

Wisdom is the ability to use that knowledge to it’s best and not just having knowledge on its own. It’s going to be three parts. The CREW program is going to be part working with councilors, part working in service. We’ll talk about that in another podcast.

Then part this leadership discipleship training that we’re going to undergo. This is going to involve some discipleship which is always, it really hones in on some of this skills that we want to be equipped with. It also hones in on the wisdom aspect. There will be some scripture memory. There will be some Bible study, actually getting in and studying the word and breaking it down and chewing on it in a way to understand what these passages of the Bible really mean.

We’ll spend a lot of time in Proverbs. We’ll also spend a lot of time in the teachings that Paul taught his protege, Timothy and Titus. Some of the things hat he taught them about leadership. We will dive heavily into. Our expectation is that these kids will walk away with an understanding of what it means to be in leadership.

It’s my prayer that these kids would be in a position when they leave their two-week program this summer, that when they get back to school or when they get back in their youth groups or when they are in on their swim team or whatever it is, that the coaches, the leaders that they will begin to submit to will begin to see that this kid has huge leadership potential and we’ll give them the opportunity to lead the group or to lead the team or to be a captain or to be a leader in some other way Wedding Venue Tulsa .

This is our hope that they would be part of that crane that rises to the top. They would be something that sets them apart and that would be the character responsibility, the fact that they’re equipped, the fact that they make wise choices this is all part of the plan. If you have more questions about the CREW program, you can find a complete detailed description on our website that’s Just look for CREW program.

There’s also a place there where you can apply and where you can contact us if you want to talk us directly. It’s been exciting to be able to put this program together and we’re looking forward to the opportunity of actually–

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