Wedding Venue Tulsa : Choosing Best Venue

Michael Staires: Hi, my name is Michael Staires and I’m with Camp Loughridge in Tulsa. We’re talking today about Tulsa wedding venues with Kenzie Rhoads who is the wedding coordinator at Loughridge. So, what do you want to talk about today Kenzie Wedding Venue Tulsa ? 

Kenzie Rhoads: I just want to talk about just kind of the process and maybe some frequently asked questions that brides have when they start the wedding planning process. I mean, most of the time, this is their first time in this world and it could be parent’s first time, too, if they’re the oldest daughter or something. So, there’s just a lot of unanswered questions that a bride has before they even get started.

Michael: Now, I’m a guy, obviously. So, I don’t know what this world is like. Do you find that a lot of girls come in already having kind of planned their wedding before they even met the guy? They already kind of knew what they want to do? Or do most girls really come in and say, “I really need some help as I have no idea”?

Kenzie: I think it really depends on the girl. Some will say, “I was not expecting this. I have no clue what I want. I’m really not that type of girl,” and then some girls come in and they know exactly what they want from the flowers that they’re going to carry in their bouquet, to the color of the linens on the table Wedding Venue Tulsa.

They know literally everything. So, I think it really depends on the girl and even if you did plan your wedding when you were 10 years old something, you probably didn’t have much taste when you’re 10. The trends have just changed so much.

Michael: I want a princess wedding.

Kenzie: Yes. [laughs]

Michael: I suppose that there are some grooms who actually want to have some input in that process, some–

Kenzie: There are. Yes, some grooms come to me and they just smile and nod, and then there are some grooms who are really active and asking questions. Some groom’s moms, too, come along and they are really the ones that are sticklers about some things.

Michael: Well, let’s start at the very beginning.  Wedding Venue Tulsa How does a bride decide what type of venue they should be looking for? Because in Tulsa, there are other wedding venues to look at. So, how do they know what to start looking for?

Kenzie: I think definitely the first thing you need to decide on is do you want to invite 400 of your closest friends? Or do you want to invite your family and 50 of your closest friends? I mean, once you say you have 300 guests, that automatically cuts out half the local venues. So, I definitely think that you should decide if you want to have a big blowout wedding or if you just want to have a small intimate celebration.

Michael: So, that’s probably the first decision. It’s interesting because your brain kind of goes to, “What kind of event do I want to have?” when you’re saying that the first question, you probably need to ask yourself is how many people do I want to come? Everything else is going to base on that.

Kenzie: Yes. The logistics are just as important as the flowers or something like that. You can have the most beautiful reception and ceremony space that anyone could ever create, but if you invite 400 people and the ceremony space only holds a hundred, then it was all pointless. Yes, that’s the first question that I ask when people when people call asking questions about booking our venues is how many guests they’re thinking of. Are they wanting a big party or they wanting just a small intimate gathering Wedding Venue Tulsa ?

Michael: Now, do you do you really break out the wedding ceremony and the reception as two completely different things, or do those things kind of work in tandem with each other?

Kenzie: They really go together. It would be difficult to say you’re invited to the ceremony, but not the reception [laughs] and vice versa. So, that’s why Loughridge, the guest count max capacity is about the same for our chapel, for the ceremony, and the conference center for the reception.

Michael: Once they get the numbers down and they know how many people or about how many people is going to be on their invite list, after they’ve gotten the input from both their parents, so they know what their invite list is going to be like, how do they go about selecting a theme, or chances are they already have a theme? So, how do they go about selecting a venue that will fit their thing?

Kenzie: Well, I think let’s take a step back and just realize that this is probably one of the only times in your life that everything’s about you, and everything’s about you and your fiancé and your personalities. So, I think you definitely need a wedding space and a theme that all reflects that.

You want to take advantage of it. This this is what I want, no one else, and so you take advantage of– let’s find the best way to portray our personalities and kind of the vibe of our relationship that through our wedding. Let’s give our guests and our family and friends a kind of a sneak peek into what makes us, us Wedding Venue Tulsa .

Michael: An extreme example would be if you love hanging out at the Blue Dome District downtown, and you’re kind of hipster, and you [sic] kind of got this cool vibe about the couple, then you’re probably not going to go out and have your wedding at some ranch and everyone sitting on hay bales, and with a country western band playing at the reception. That would be an extreme example.

Kenzie: Yes. [laughs] That would be a very extreme example.

Michael: Chances are that couple wouldn’t pick that kind of wedding, but how does the theme fit in with the venue? How does that help direct where you want to start looking?

Kenzie: What you’re saying, if you’re that kind of hipster person, you need to pick somewhere that’s going to just allow you to express that side of yourself as cliché as that sounds. You’re going to want something that you can do up the way that you want it to, not a venue that does everything for you, or they are in charge of all your decorations and they do the same. It’s kind of a cookie cutter.

You’re not going to want that. You’re going to want to be able to pick everything out yourself and kind of look for that blank canvas in a venue. If all your family is from Timbuktu and Kansas, you’re really not going to want to bring them into a big city where your guests are going to be uncomfortable, as well Wedding Venue Tulsa .

Michael: Right, and that’s probably another consideration we could talk about later is if everyone’s going to have to be staying at hotels and stuff like that, then that’s another consideration. So, which comes first? The theme or the venue? Do you pick your theme and then look for a venue that matches that, or do you really pick a venue that you love and then you kind of shape your theme into what that venue can offer?

Kenzie: I think it could vary person to person. I mean, if you have had your heart set on having a very exotic reception where everything is just the opposite of traditional, then you might not want to pick a venue that is traditional. But if you’re kind of going into it open-minded and saying, “You know, I’m getting married in 2017. Let’s look at what the trends are going to be. We’re kind of open. We are kind of simple.” or something like that, then I think it’s okay to look for the venue first and then tailor everything to that, but I think they go hand-in-hand.

They say don’t pick your dress before you get a venue because if you buy a huge ball gown and then decide to get married on a beach, it just doesn’t make sense. So, everything kind of stems from when and where you’re going to get married.

Michael: Okay. I hate to mention it, but the B word. At what point does budget enter in? Because we’ve been talking about the venue, and we’ve been talking about the wedding list and how that kind of shapes everything on where you want to have your wedding. We’ve also been talking about trying to make sure that the theme of your wedding matches your venue, but at what point do you have to start taking a look at that budget?

Kenzie: I say the budget is first thing. I mean, I come from, “You don’t look at it if you can’t afford it.” [laughs]

Michael: So, don’t go to the Mercedes dealership if you can only afford a Chevy?

Kenzie: Right, exactly. You know that really popular wedding show on TLC, Say Yes to the Dress? They always tell you, “Don’t try on a dress that is $5,000 over your budget.” I would say the same thing because you’re just going to continue to fall in love with things that is not realistic for you.

Michael: Don’t buy new when you really should be buying a fixer-upper.

Kenzie: Yes, exactly. Nowadays, there’s so many ways that you can do everything without breaking your or your parent’s bank Wedding Venue Tulsa .

Michael: So, we’re talking about Tulsa wedding venues. I don’t know if you even have this off the top of your head, but do you have a guest that– how many wedding venues there are in Tulsa? I know that you could get married in any park and in any church. So, let’s take those off. What about event places that are maybe the top five or six. You don’t need to name them. I’m just curious.

As a Tulsa area girl looking to start to search for wedding venue, is she looking at maybe a dozen to 15? Is she looking at five? Is she looking at 30? I’m just trying to get a–

Kenzie: If she’s looking at the greater Tulsa area, she could be looking up to 30 venues. There was a venue boom in 2012 and they all just started popping up like crazy.

Michael: Well, the good news is with a field that large, it’s pretty competitive.

Kenzie: Yes, it’s crazy. It is pretty competitive, but people are always getting married.

Michael: Well, this has been Michael Staires from Loughridge talking with Kenzie Rhoads about Tulsa wedding venues. Thank you for joining Wedding Venue Tulsa .