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This content is written for Camp Loughridge

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful and difficult process. There are so many different things you have to take care of while also managing your daily life, that it become overwhelming quickly. In order to reduce the stress, book your special day at Camp Loughridge, the best wedding venue in Tulsa. Camp Loughridge prides itself in being one of the most iconic venues for weddings in Tulsa, and would love to serve you on your important day. Call 918-446-4194 to see the various options they have available. They offer many different services and packages that can make your wedding day so much easier.
The folks at Camp Lockridge are very aware of the difficult process in planning a wedding. That’s why they partnered with many local organizations to make this process so much easier. One of these organizations includes Epic Photography, which is considered one of Tulsa’s best wedding photography agencies. Another firm they have partnered with is Party Pro Rents. Party Pro can provide all the tables, chairs, and other equipment that you need for however many guests attend your wedding. They have also partnered with numerous catering organizations such as Vitters Catering, Boston Avenue Grill, Miss Laura’s cakes, and others. With all these options, you’ll quickly find that this is the greatest wedding venue in Tulsa.
It is becoming increasingly popular to have a wedding outdoors. By having your wedding outdoors, you feel like you’re immersed in nature and get a more authentic representation of your love. That’s why Camp Loughridge can offer the Lakeside sanctuary for your wedding ceremony. The Lakeside sanctuary sits right next to the lake Parenthia on the campgrounds and can seat up to 300 guests. There is a classic, rustic altar area that will give you that natural wedding feel. They can also have electricity available so you can have music for your wedding while having an outdoors.
If you’re wanting to have a small reception, Camp Loughridge has an option for that as well. In their spacious 2500 square-foot outdoor deck, you can continue your outdoor wedding by overlooking a fabulous pool area. There are audio and video capabilities as well, and seating for about 125 guests. If you need restrooms or changing rooms, those are available with a quick walk up the stairs to the second level. If it happens to rain and you need of move your reception inside, there’s a spacious inside area to.
Camp Loughridge truly is the best wedding venue in Tulsa. They would be thrilled with the opportunity to serve you on your wedding day and be trusted with your business. Planning a wedding is such a big ordeal and they want you to be able to feel secure with where you book your wedding. They can give you whatever support you may need during the process and will help alleviate all your concerns. Give them a call at 918-446-4194 in order to schedule the best wedding of your life. You and your guest will remember this as the greatest wedding ever.
Wedding Day? Say Hooray! : Wedding Venue in Tulsa
This content is written for Camp Loughridge
Nestled just minutes outside of downtown Tulsa, Camp Loughridge has quickly become one of the most notable wedding venue in Tulsa. With the many services that they offer, it is quickly becoming clear that they are the easiest and most affordable option to go with for your wedding. They understand your wedding is the most important day of your life, and want to do all that they can to serve to make that day easier for you. They pay attention to every little detail in order for you to have the best wedding possible. You can reach them at 918-446-4194 to see the different options that they have available.
There campgrounds are absolutely remarkable. You’ll find that you have access to one of the most splendid locations in the greater Tulsa area. You’ll be able to razzle-dazzle your guests and have one of the most fun nights of your life. Even if you don’t drink, that’s totally okay with the folks at Loughridge! They’ll still be able to provide a better wedding than any of the others out there that require a lot of alcohol to be enjoyed. You’ll be able to give your guests exceptional wedding experience that they will never forget.
Want to dance the night away after your big wedding ceremony? Then the Temple conference center is a perfect place to host your reception. There’s seating for 300 guests and a large dancing area where you and your spouse can have that memorable first dance. If you want take a break from the dancing and fun, you can cool off at the back porch and have a beautiful view of the lake and the woods. If you’re looking for that comfortable, cozy wedding vibe, the vaulted ceilings and double-sided fireplaces will be able to give you that unique experience. The you have exclusive on-site catering service that will fuel your body as you dance, dance, dance.
There’s no reason to be stressed out on your wedding day when you have an option like Camp Loughridge for your wedding venue in Tulsa. You’ll quickly find that you don’t have anything to concern about when going with this team. They are a very professional and competent staff that will give you the most memorable night of your life. There’s a lot of nonsense that usually goes on during her wedding day and Camp Loughridge eliminates all the worries and maximizes your wedding experience. Call them today to see the options of they have available.
If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Tulsa, look no further than Camp Loughridge. They pride themselves in giving their customers the highest quality of service and the best options available. Their customers rave about what an awesome experience they are able to have at Camp Loughridge. If you want to hear more call 918-446-4194. It’s time to in the stress, and start the fun.