The Picture Perfect Wedding : Wedding Venue in Tulsa
This content is written for Camp Loughridge

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. It is the first step to beginning a new life with your soulmate. For such a special occasion, you want to make sure that you celebrate this memorable event and when the most beautiful locations in Tulsa. Camp Loughridge this privilege to be the best wedding venue in Tulsa. They’re gorgeous facility has many different options for both your wedding ceremony and reception. Call 918-446-4194 to make the first step towards having incredible wedding. The camp was absolutely love the privilege of being able to serve you on such an important day.
Many couples find of the stress of planning a wedding often overwhelming. You have to order the cake, dress, photography, invitations, and so much more. By planning your wedding at this spectacular location, your stress will be immediately reduced. There’s no reason to look any further for a wedding venue in Tulsa. The camp has a number of different options that will make your wedding planning process so much easier. There’s no reason the stress because the camp has many all-inclusive packages at affordable costs. They can take the biggest equation of the wedding planning process out of your to do list.
One of the greatest things that the camp has to offer is the beautiful and unique Kirkland Chapel. The Kirkland Chapel has tall vaulted ceilings and overlooks the breathtaking Lake Parthenia. The Chapel can seat 270 people, is climate controlled, and handicap accessible. Upon walking outside, you’ll find a beautiful back balcony and rock staircase that will bring you to the perfect lakeside location for a striking photography setting. Additionally, the Chapel has ornate spiral staircases that lead to a higher balcony overlooking the Chapel. By having your ceremony at the Kirkland Chapel you’ll remember your wedding day is one of the most dazzling moments of your life.
Finding a wedding venue in Tulsa is difficult; there’s no doubt about that! Many people in Tulsa have had the wedding of their dreams at the breathtaking location of Camp Loughridge. You’ll find that these grounds are absolutely stunning and will definitely impress your friends and family. They also have all the services that you may need for your wedding. Rather than having to have the wedding ceremony in one location, and then make all your guests travel across town just for the reception at another location, you can have both right here. There is a beautiful chapel for the ceremony and a large lodge for the reception.
Camp Loughridge is perhaps the one most iconic wedding venues in Tulsa. You’ll be able to razzle-dazzle your guests as they walk through the splendid campgrounds and beautiful facilities. You’ll find that this venue is anything but ordinary, it is absolutely extraordinary. You’ll be immersed in nature, but also feel the comfort of the many facilities. There is no better place to have your wedding that this wondrous location. You can call 918-446-4194 to schedule the wedding of your dreams.
A Magnificent Wedding Day : Wedding Venue in Tulsa
This content is written for Camp Loughridge
When searching for a wedding venue in Tulsa, the option seem endless. You spend so many hours searching the Internet, calling different venues, all in an effort to make your wedding day absolutely perfect. It is very difficult to not only find a beautiful venue, but also find something that meets your budget. In additiona to all of this, you want to be mindful of your guests and make sure that they’re not having to travel all the way around town for a ceremony and reception. You can immediately relieve the stress associated and searching for a wedding venue by calling Camp Lockridge at 918-446-4194 today.
Camp Loughridge has been in the wedding business for years and has become the greatest wedding venue in Tulsa. They know exactly what it takes in order to make your wedding day the most marvelous day of your life. You can trust them with your business and know that will deliver a quality, sensational wedding. The last thing that you want to do on one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day, is worry about all the little details. You don’t want to have to stress about whether or not people be able to find the venue, get to the reception, and feel comfortable when you have your wedding at the camp.
One of the best features that Camp Loughridge has to offer is the temple conference center. This is where guests typically hold the receptions after the wedding ceremony at the Kirkland Chapel. The temple conference center can seat 300 guests while also having room for a large dancing area. Their rustic vaulted ceilings and two fireplaces will give you a comfortable, homey environment for your reception. They also have the latest and greatest audio and video capabilities that will be able to tell your guests a more complete story of your love.
By booking your wedding at the fabulous Camp Loughridge you’ll discover that it is the greatest wedding venue in Tulsa. You’ll be able to thrill your guests and wow your family with the marvelous, breathtaking views that the camp offers. You’ll truly remember this day as the most historic and remarkable day of you and your loved one’s lives. They have many different affordable options that will allow you to choose what’s best for your budget. Don’t make the process of scheduling your wedding a dramatic one, book your wedding that Camp Loughridge now.
The wonderful folks at Camp Lockridge would be privileged in providing the space and resources for your wedding. They know that your wedding day is the most important of your life, and they would love to offer you numerous services to complete your day. They’re willing to work with you and have multiple different options that will be the most cost-effective for your budget. It’s time to call Camp Loughridge at 918-446-4194 to book your picture-perfect wedding. You can truly have a magnificent wedding day and end the stress right now.