Where Memories Come Naturally: Wedding Venue in Tulsa

This content was written for Camp Loughridge

Are you getting married and on the look for the absolute best wedding venue and also? If you said yes then look no further than Camp Loughridge. Camp Loughridge has been around for more than 80 years and love it is their nature. They will have everything you need to create the most beautiful perfect night of your life. Pick up your phone and give them call today by dialing 918-446-4194.

At Camp Loughridge you will find gorgeous scenery and seating that fits up to us 270 people very comfortably. They have a vintage A-frame chapel overlooking Lake Parthenia that is sure to have a few jaws dropping. There number one goal at Loughridge is to make sure that they provide a wedding venue in Tulsa that you will remember for the rest of your life. After all, your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Go online to their website and look at some of the beautiful pictures of the scenery and of the chapel.

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Tulsa that is going to be a crowd pleaser, Kirkland Chapel is definitely going to be the place you want to use. It is a beautiful climate controlled chapel that can fit up to 270 people. They have an updated bridal suite and an updated groom’s room both with private restrooms so you don’t have to worry about potentially seen the bride before it’s time. They provide API know that plays gorgeous music to help you walk down the aisle or whatever you may want. And it is all handicapped accessible so don’t worry about anyone missing out.

They also provide pedestals for floral arrangements to make sure that matter what beautiful bouquet you choose it is going to look gorgeous in this wedding venue in Tulsa. There is also a gorgeous spiral staircase to balcony overlooking the chapel which is great to get a lot of your photos on. When your wedding day is such a big deal take out some of the stress of planning and leave it to Camp Loughridge. They would be so glad to help plan this day for you and be honored if you choose them for your venue.

Camp Loughridge is where memories come naturally. On such a special day as your wedding I’m sure you want everything to be perfect. Everything from the weather to your drives to the photographs. At Camp Loughridge they have so many gorgeous places to take your photos that the hardest part is going to be deciding which ones you want to keep. They have an outside balcony in the rock staircase to Lakeside that is just to die for. Pick up the phone and give them a call today by dialing 918-446-4194. It will by far be a night you will never forget nor will you want to because of how perfect it is.

The Wedding Venue in Tulsa with Love in the Air.

This content was written for Camp Loughridge

If you have recently got engaged than I am sure you are on the lookout for the perfect wedding venue in Tulsa. If this is you, then look no further than Camp Loughridge. Camp Loughridge is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery in the Tulsa area and is one of the best places to have your wedding. This is the place that is sure to leave all your guests talking and wowed by how beautiful everything was. Pick up your phone and give them a call today by dialing 918-446-4194.

At Camp Loughridge you will find the gorgeous Kirkland Chapel which is one of the best wedding venue in Tulsa. Not only does it comfortably seat 270 guests but it is also ADA accessible and has some other major prose. It is a vintage A-frame chapel that overlooks Lake Parthenia so really feel like you are in nature. But don’t worry if climate control so you will have control over the temperature unlike in nature. It also offers a gorgeous piano so if you want to have a pianist playing something while you walk down the aisle lower while you’re guest wait. There’s also outside balcony and rock staircase that goes up to the Lakeside that is just perfect for photos.

Then comes the temple conference center which is great for your reception. It super roomy and comfortably seats up to 300 people and leaves dancing area. It has beautiful vaulted ceilings and a double-sided fireplace, all the lights are on dimmers so if you need to set the mood you can. There’s a back 47 views out onto the lake in the woods. If you choose to use their tables, chairs and linens through party Pro rents, they set up and break down and it’s all included in your rental fee. They also provide exclusive on-site catering which can bring in some of the most delicious food your mouth will ever taste.

When it comes to your perfect day at you want the best of the best especially when it’s about your wedding venue in Tulsa. At Camp Loughridge that’s Exactly What You Find, the Best. If you choose to have a smaller party then you might want to use Loughridge “The Lodge” it is perfect for smaller receptions and it offers dinner seating for up to 125 guests. It has a spacious 2500 square-foot outdoor deck that overlooks the lake and the pool. It also provides audio and video capabilities so if you want to set up some fun little memories to stroll down with your loved ones you can.

So when it comes to planning for your wedding make sure you get something that you really like. At Camp Loughridge is the place where memories come naturally and love is in the air. And if you need a little bit of help with choosing from other vendors for your big day, Loughridge have a super helpful preferred vendors list on their website with everything from catering to photography and more. Give them a call today by dialing 918-446-4194.