Hill Top Wedding Location; Wedding Venue in Tulsa

This article was written for Camp Loughridge.

If you decided to have your wedding right here in the beautiful metro area of Tulsa, Oklahoma there is only one destination suited for you. Camp Loughridge combines the best aspects of both urban living and the beautiful scenery of Oklahoma’s nature and their wedding venue in Tulsa. Although once you arrive to Camp Loughridge you won’t feel like you’re in the city at all, you will feel as if you are standing at the top of a beautiful mountain overlooking the planes. This is what has made this incredible wedding destination of choice spot for many people inside and outside of Oklahoma. Whenever you are ready to put your unforgettable weekend and my special day all in one place to them a call at 918-446-4194.

The beautiful campgrounds of Camp Loughridge feature multiple amenities that make up the absolute best wedding destination in Oklahoma. Not only does a have the capability of providing you with indoor reception halls they have many different ones to choose from. They even have several great outdoor locations for ceremonies that make unforgettable memories. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to capitalize on the biggest celebration you have of your life. They even have a full catering service on hands is guaranteed to be able to meet the needs for your parties eats.

Whenever you’re trying to decide the perfect wedding venue in Tulsa make sure you consider Camp Loughridge first and foremost. They will have the ability to take care of everything you need from setup to tear down leaving you with the only stress of looking great. It’s not easy to find a venue that has so many amenities packed into one location. This makes it an unforgettable place for parties both big and small. Whenever you’d like a custom-made menu will be getting just that. They have hands-on catering service and some of the best chefs in Tulsa to be able to provide you with literally whatever you would like to eat. They can even handle the desserts and drinks for the whole entire party.

Is no reason you should look anywhere else to get married at whenever Camp Loughridge is just a short drive from your front door. This makes it easy for all of your friends and family in town to be able to attend your special day. take the time to make an appointment to check out the campgrounds and facilities at Camp Loughridge as you are coming up on your wedding day. This will make it easy for you to see just exactly how beautiful and memorable your wedding can be. Whenever you start driving around the camp grounds winding twister hills and valleys of some of the most beautiful scenery. This alone will hook you into having your wedding.

There is a wedding venue in Tulsa for everyone, and Camp Loughridge is for you. They have the outdoor attractions, the indoor looks in the modern features that you seek to keep both yourself and your family entertained. All you need to do is decide what you’d like to have two eat, your colors in your favorite band. They’ll provide the drinks, prepare the food and set it all up for you leaving you to have an amazing night. Camp Loughridge wants to make sure that whenever you’re searching for a great wedding venue you not only choose them for the looks but for the amazing service that they had. Whenever you’re ready to see what they are all about pick up the phone and give them a call at 918-446-4194.

Tulsa’s Wedding Venue of Beauty; Wedding Venue in Tulsa

This article was written for Camp Loughridge.

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to have a wedding just outside also no further than Camp Loughridge. This is the only place that you will be able to find the a wedding venue in Tulsa that features both rustic, outdoor and modern amenities. They have everything you’ll need from a full catering service, multiple venues to lodging. This beautiful resort has been open for over 80 years and this continuously updating and adding new features to their grounds. If you ready to have a beautiful wedding just outside of Tulsa make sure you give them a call at 918-446-4194.

Whenever you have your wedding a Camp Loughridge you will be getting the best of both worlds. Their camp is just outside of Tulsa which enables you to still enjoy all of the features of the city while being just outside of the city. While you’re at Camp Loughridge you will be able to relax in the beautiful scenery that the Oklahoma nature has to offer for you. if you decide to have your wedding outside you can have it by the lake, underneath beautiful trees or even looking over Tulsa. They have several different great destinations within their camp that make the most beautiful ceremony hotspots.

When it comes to a wedding venue in Tulsa Camp Loughridge is not only one of the best but it is the absolute best. This is a Christian camp throughout the summer months and is regularly maintained year-round. Therefore catering center comes with the staff of amazing people who are dedicated to serving you to the fullest extent. They can provide you with bartenders, food servers and even if cleanup staff. They make it easy for you to sit back and enjoy the most special day of your life. Not only will you be able to kick back and have fun but you can even bring your whole entire clan and enjoy their massive reception hall.

Camp Loughridge’s located in an area of Oklahoma that is preserved for nonprofit corporate organizations. in the late 50s the Presbyterian Church of Tulsa acquired the camp and change its name to what it is today. Since then they have been running camps for kids featuring outdoor classes, Christian learning and community building. Each year they house over 1200 children and provide scholarships to many of the disadvantaged around also. This is what has made this can’t thrive for many years and grow into what it is today. Not only can you enjoy many other amenities year-round while attending their camp through different programs but it also makes an amazing place for a wedding venue in Tulsa.

If you’re ready to get all you can out of one of the most beautiful tucked away wedding destinations in Oklahoma give Camp Loughridge a call today. You can reach him at 918-446-4194 or by visiting them online. They have an incredible website that features many pictures from around the camps, weddings and other events that have been held at their location. This beautiful establishment has been helping couples remember their special day for many years to come. You could even say specializing in making memories is one of the first and foremost missions. Their second mission is to make sure that each person who enters their camp has an amazing fun filled and safe time.