Beautiful Wedding Destinations In Oklahoma: Wedding Venue in Tulsa

This article was written for Camp Loughridge.

There are many different wedding destinations that you can choose all throughout the graces of Oklahoma. However, if you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue in Tulsa you should check out Camp Loughridge. They have one of the most beautiful campgrounds that is home to several thousand children throughout the summer as they attend for church camp. Any time that you have a special date in mind you should consider looking at this beautiful camp to enjoy their modern amenities and gorgeous scenery. You can go wrong when you choose to have your wedding a Camp Loughridge or any other event for that matter. If you’re interested in seeing what they have to offer and taking it to her give them a call and in 918-446-4164.

Whenever you have the opportunity to have your wedding right here in the metro area you should consider having it Camp Loughridge. They have the most beautiful facility that has multiple locations for you to have your wedding ceremony and reception. I have a large campground has been in their control since the late 60s and is beautifully than ever. They want to make sure that your wedding is one of the most notable days of your lives so they have decided to open their campground for you to use as a venue. Camp Loughridge has some of the most beautiful features of this part of the state. You can enjoy the beautiful running river, lake and even Hill country.

You can’t go wrong whenever you choose to have any type of event at this beautiful campgrounds. They even have some of the best fishing you will be able to find right outside of the metro area. They make it easy for individuals who are trying to find the best wedding venue in Tulsa to do it with little stress. There shouldn’t be anything about them a special day of your life is stressful or frustrating. This is why Camp Loughridge has a full catering service, rentals and even tablecloth for you to utilize during your special day. They will take care of everything for use all you need to do is show up and make memories.

That seems easy enough and has been the path for many individuals who choose to have their weddings right here. If you’re looking for the absolute best wedding venue and also you need to look no further than the main chapel of Camp Loughridge. The main hall is perfectly adequate to fit up to 200 people and can be catered straight from their kitchen. In fact, no matter where you decide to have your reception on the campgrounds there catering staff can bring you delicious food. They make some of the most tasty Midwestern cuisine that you will be able to find right here in Oklahoma. stop trying to hustle up all the different connections that you need to go off your wedding whatever you can work with this one great vendor.

Camp Loughridge wants to make sure that the special day of your life is made all the more special by featuring your wedding at their campgrounds. This is what has made them one of the choice wedding venue in Tulsa locations for many different people. They want to make sure that you can have access to catering, cleanup staff and even bartenders. Whenever you have your wedding right here there will be anything that you need to get from outside. They can stop the alcohol, bring the desserts and even cut the cake. If you’re interested in what a beautiful wedding would look like a Camp Loughridge make sure you reach out to them by phone. You can contact them Monday through Friday during normal business hours at 918-446-4164.

An Outdoor Wedding Fitted For Oklahoma: Wedding Venue in Tulsa

This article was written for Camp Loughridge.

There are many different reasons why people choose to utilize the campgrounds at Camp Loughridge to create the most special day of their life. In fact, when people are trying to find the perfect wedding venue in Tulsa is hard to overlook Camp Loughridge. They have some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery that makes an unforgettable location for your ceremony. From the ceremony to the reception they’ve got you covered and with everything in between as well. This is your one-stop shop for having the perfect wedding that will go smoothly and efficiently. If you’re interested in this kind of waiting for you and your spouse pick up the phone and dialed 918-446-4194.

They have the ability to make any couple of the most special day they can ever imagine. Whether you are trying to have an indoor outdoor wedding, Camp Loughridge is guaranteed to have the perfect location on site for you. They have several different chapel halls and reception centers for you and your guests to enjoy. If you are interested in something a little more outdoors they have beautiful scenery all around the camp. You can get married next to the lake, the river or even in some of the most beautiful Oklahoma prairie. Camp Loughridge is at the top of a large hill and there are many spots that overlook downtown that are just waiting for you to kiss your loved one under the stars.

Stop wasting your time trying to find the best wedding venue in Tulsa to accommodate all of the needs that you have. Camp Loughridge has been doing the wedding game for many many years perfecting what they do. They even work with one of the areas most trusted caterers to provide all of their mills in house for them. There’s a catering kitchen located in their main hall that is utilized by their staff to prepare your food, cut the cake and even mix your drinks. This is one of the most adequate wedding venues that is capable of handling parties of all sizes. Booking your next or first wedding with them will ensure that you have a blast.

Camp Loughridge wants to make sure that no matter what size wedding party you have you can be accommodated adequately. That’s why their location is one of the most perfect for parties from 50 all the way to 500. Having a large wedding that several different settings that can perfectly fit you and your loved ones. They will even reuse some of the most delicious food that you’ve ever had. They specialize in perfecting the art of Midwest cuisine and do it with passion. The fear that you get from the caterers will keep you satisfied, your guests full and maybe even a little extra for you to take home. Camp Loughridge is the perfect spot whenever you’re looking for a beautiful place have any type of event not just a wedding.

Now you know where to find the best wedding venue in Tulsa you can pick up the phone and give Camp Loughridge call. They’ll answer their phone Monday through Friday during business hours when you dial 918-446-4194. throughout the normal summer months this campground houses thousands of children who are undergoing incredible camps, classes in educational settings. If you decide to have your wedding here you will be a part of the magic it is m on a regular basis at Camp Loughridge. They want to make it easy for you to get whatever you need taking care for your next event.