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If you’re looking for one of the most illustrious wedding venues that Tulsa can offer, then look no further than Camp Loughridge. Camp Loughridge has been considered by many as the premier Tulsa wedding venue. Located on an immaculate urban wilderness area, there are many different venue options to choose from at Camp Loughridge. Upon a quick visit to our website, you’ll see the raving reviews and testimonials that we have received from our satisfied customers. Call 918-446-4194 to discover how you can have such a wonderful wedding!
People often agree of the most important part of the wedding is a wedding ceremony. Weddings are holy and sacred time, and you want to have your ceremony and a holy and sacred space. In addition to over 100 acres of beautiful wilderness, Camp Loughridge also has multiple places to house the ceremony of your wedding. They have a majestic indoor venue that resembles a quaint, country chapel and an outdoor venue that overlooks a spectacular Lake. Whether you wanted indoor or outdoor wedding, there are multiple options for you.
The indoor venue is called the Kirkland Chapel. The Kirkland Chapel is styled after a beautiful vintage, A-frame chapel that overlooks the Lake Parthenia below. There are tall glass window panes, that stretch from floor to the ceiling, that provides the natural light that you’re hoping for during your wedding. The Chapel is climate controlled and has a recently updated bridal suite and groom’s room with private restrooms. Towards the back, there’s a huge outside balcony with rock staircase which makes for a perfect photo opportunity by the Lakeside. At night the Chapel lights up with an array of deep, soft colors that adds a very special element. If you’re looking for the perfect indoor wedding than consider the Kirkland Chapel.
Perhaps you want more natural feeling to your wedding by having a ceremony outdoors? Camp Loughridge has an option for this with their Lakeside sanctuary. The Lakeside sanctuary sits right next to Lake Parthenia with wooden bench seating up that can accommodate up to 300 guests. The ceremony will be performed by the minister under a rustic wooden altar area, with sheer lace draping or chandeliers available upon request. If you’re wanting music or other forms of media during your wedding, there is electric available. Come have the trendy outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of at Camp Loughridge’s Lakeside sanctuary and see why this is the best Tulsa wedding venue.
Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor wedding, there is no better Tulsa wedding venue than Camp Loughridge. The Kirkland Chapel will provide such a complete and spiritual space if you’re looking for a traditional indoor option. The Lakeside sanctuary will give your wedding that more natural, authentic feel and will be a true reflection of your love. No matter what option you go with, we strive to provide the highest customer satisfaction. Call 918-446-4194 to plan a wonderful wedding.
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This content is written for Camp Loughridge
There are no two romances that are the same; the love that is shared in each couple is unique and special. After you and your spouse have decided that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, you want to be sure to have a memorable wedding to reflect the beauty and depth of your love for one another. There is perhaps no more important moment in a lifetime than your wedding day. You really want to be sure to have the night of your life. In order to throw the perfect wedding, you have to partner with the best in the business when it comes to Tulsa wedding venue. Call 918-446-4194 to discover why Camp Loughridge is the best venue for your wedding in Tulsa.
One of the great things about Camp Loughridge is that it gives you that remote feel, but is just minutes from downtown Tulsa. Camp Loughridge is considered one of the prime Tulsa urban wilderness areas in the city. They have hundreds of acres, natural lakes and woods, that will give your wedding the special, nature flair. They have so many different options to choose from for both your ceremony and reception. Discover whether the best in Tulsa by calling now.
Weddings can be very, very stressful. There are so may things that you have to do in preparation for the special day. Not only do you have to go to the tricky process of narrowing down your guest lists, but you have to work with multiple vendors to provide all the different services you will need during the wedding day. One of the great things about Camp Loughridge is that they’ve partnered with a number of other organizations to help ease the stress and the preparation process. Whether you need help finding a photographer, DJ, caterer, or anything else, Camp Loughridge will be able to provide you numerous options at affordable prices. A quick call will show that they really are the best Tulsa wedding venue.
One of the things that Camp Loughridge prides themselves in is there helpful, kind, and competent staff. You’ll feel refreshed and energized after you work with our wedding coordinators. They are kind, honest, enthusiastic, and desire for you to have the best wedding possible. They will make sure that everything is taken care of so you and your guests won’t have to manage the responsibilities on your own. They are passionate about the love that you and your spouse share, and they will be sure to plan and work hard to make your wedding spectacular. Discover why Camp Loughridge the best Tulsa wedding venue by meeting our professional wedding coordinators.
There are so many reasons that make Camp Loughridge the most incredible wedding venue. You’ll be able to the be immersed in in nature without having to drive the distance. You’ll be able to ease the stressful process of planning a wedding by being able to utilize the many wedding service organizations that the camp has partnered with. You’ll find that our staff is helpful and excited about working hard for your wedding. Call 918-446-4194 today in order to start planning the wedding of your dreams. You’ll be so glad that you called and so glad that you went with us, the best in the biz, Camp Loughridge.