Michael Stairs: Hi, my name is Michael Stairs and I’m at Loughridge and we’re talking about Wedding Venues Tulsa with Kenzie Rhodes, who is the wedding’s coordinator at Loughridge. How long have you been at Loughridge, Kenzie?

Kenzie Rhodes: About six months actually

Michael: Has it been a whirlwind, lots of people?

Kenzie: It has been.

Michael: Give me just a little bit of an idea. About how many weddings a year does Loughridge hold?

Kenzie: It averages about 70 to 80 weddings per year, and when you think about it there’s only 52 weekends. Then to say that we do 70 to 80 it’s pretty crazy out there are times.

Michael: Now, if I wanted to have my wedding on a Wednesday night could I do that?

Kenzie: Yes.

Michael: Okay, so it’s not just open for the weekend.

Kenzie: Right.

Michael: Okay, but when you think 70 to 80 wedding events a year, and all that entails with catering and parking and flowers and photography, 70 to 80 is a bunch and it keeps you busy.

Kenzie: Yes, it does, especially in the summertime out at Camp Loughridge is just insane.

Michael: Yes, because there’s other things going on, Summer Camps Tulsa.

Kenzie: Yes [laughs].

Michael: What are some of the comments that you hear when people have, when brides have done the tours, they’re looking at all the Wedding Venues Tulsa, all over town and they settle on Loughridge? What some of the feedback you get back from them that lets you say, “Okay, this is our niche, this is why people choose Loughridge rather than one of the big downtown churches or one of the country clubs in town or some other wedding venue in Tulsa.”

Kenzie: Yes, where do I start? The first I would say is Tulsa is a city so we have the advantage of having 188 acres of just natural beauty that really it just seems secluded from-

Michael: Even though it really is kind of right in town.

Kenzie: –even though it really is. It’s on 71st Street, you would never know. It’s two miles west of the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center, it’s 15 miles from downtown. It really is a great location so your guests have a place to stay or things to do.

Michael: Yes, there are two or three hotels in that Tulsa Hills area.

Kenzie: Yes, and we work a lot with them so it really works well. I think that that is really– the location and the scenery are both two of the main benefits that we have that’s kind of our niche. A lot of the other venues in Tulsa will have like they can see the city skyline or they’ll create views, but ours all happen naturally and changes with the seasons.

Michael: Now we talk about Loughridge being a natural environment, but what does Loughridge have to offer someone who is looking for Wedding Venues Tulsa? Does Loughridge have a more traditional option for someone that’s really wanting to have both worlds? Wanting to have the natural environment but also wanting to have something that’s traditional.

Kenzie: Yes, definitely. Our chapel is a traditional A-frame style chapel with tile floors and wood pews to kind of give that feel that you’re getting married in a church without getting married in a church. It really does satisfy maybe if the parents or grandparents have always dreamed of their daughter getting married in a church.

It really does satisfy both parties because they can get married in the traditional style chapel, everyone’s in pews and then you go to the reception hall that is a little bit more modern and customizable for trends that are happening and what that specific bride and her family want.

Michael: Tell me about if someone’s looking for Wedding Venues Tulsa and is looking at Loughridge. Are there options to have, to service outside?

Kenzie: Yes. We have a lakeside sanctuary. The other thing that makes us a little bit different is that we can hold 300 people, and not very many Weddings Venues Tulsa can hold that many people all in one room. That’s another thing that sets us apart and the lakeside sanctuary also holds 300 people and it’s just overviewing one of our private lakes. It’s a simple scene that speaks volumes.

Michael: Right, and yet it’s close. People aren’t having to walk long ways to get to that outdoor sanctuary. Wedding Venues Tulsa

Kenzie: Right, it’s right by our big conference center.

Michael: It’s an easy transition from the ceremony to the reception.

Kenzie: Exactly.

Michael: Now, what do you do? Because Tulsa’s weather is crazy. How do you help a bride navigate? She wants to do an outdoor wedding but the reality is you could have rain or you could have sleet or snow or it could just be terribly windy. How do you navigate that with the bride?

Kenzie: Yes, absolutely. In our big conference center there’s a huge bay window area. It’s a little bit set apart from the rest of the reception hall and we can put up an arbor and drape it last minute, and you can get married in the bay window area-

Michael: When you say last minute, do you mean– tell me, because it can’t really be last minute. Wedding Venues Tulsa

Kenzie: Last minute as in day of.

Michael: Okay, yeah, let’s say that– I know this is probably not very interesting to a lot of people but I’m just curious. Let’s say the ceremony is at six o’clock, about what time on that day are you going to have to make a decision if you’re going to pull it inside?

Kenzie: I would say around 2:00 PM.

Michael: The days– but because the outdoor venue and the indoor venue are pretty much right next to each other. It’s not a huge logistic nightmare.

Kenzie: Right, if they’re getting married at six o’clock, and it’s five o’clock and it just starts pouring out of nowhere, we can easily just move everything. We’ll create a center aisle and the conference center and you’ll be married in no time.

Michael: Gosh, I was going to ask something I can’t remember what it was. We are talking about Wedding Venues Tulsa with Kenzie Rhodes at Loughridge, one of the– a great place to have your wedding in the city of Tulsa.

I would think that there is this trend about people wanting to do a lot of things themselves and have their brothers involved and their uncles involved. Kind of have this, save money and do it all yourself but Loughridge actually has a staff on hand to help with a lot of these logistics on the day of the wedding, right?

Kenzie: Yes, we do and I’m a firm believer that if you do your homework before then the day of, basically runs itself. We do have staff on hand that will be there and will be with you for the whole year long planning process, however long it is. If you need advice on flowers or a photographer or anything like that we become your best friend for the next year and then we will be on hand the day of too.

Michael: When a bride is looking at the landscape of the Wedding Venues Tulsa, and she’s probably toured, she’s probably been online and seen a dozen, maybe she’s picked out four or five that she actually wanted to go see in person. What are the things that make Loughridge different? What are the things that really set Loughridge apart?

Because you’ve been to bride fairs before, you know what the other venues are. How do you describe to someone that says what makes Loughridge different?

Kenzie: There’s all of the logistical stuff that we’ve already talked about. Two separate locations for a ceremony and a reception, we’re not going to flip the room while your guests are standing there. It’s a natural environment with a natural beauty. There’s all of those things that go into the basics of a wedding but there’s also– Loughridge has a deeper purpose. We are actually a non-profit. We have a Tulsa summer camp and we host a lot of church retreats and work a lot with local churches, and so we’re non-profit.

We kind of have a greater purpose behind what we’re doing. I always say when someone signs the dotted line to have their wedding with us I say, “Welcome to the Loughridge family”, because it really truly is. We’re there for more than just making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Michael: You said something there that picked my interest. We’re talking about Wedding Venues Tulsa has to offer.

A lot of the churches in Tulsa, they may do a ten o’clock wedding and a two o’clock wedding and a six o’clock wedding, all on Saturday because they’ve got this system whereby they can really run several weddings through in one day butt Loughridge doesn’t do that. Talk a little bit about why Loughridge doesn’t do that, why it’s not feasible for Loughridge to do that, and how that makes the bride’s wedding maybe a little bit more special.

Kenzie: Yes, you will have the place to yourself. You’ll be able to– you’re going to be the only one in the chapel so that you can take as many pictures as your heart desires before, while you’re in your dress [laughs].

We do have a lot of other entities at camp but we don’t want kids canoeing in the background of your pictures or anything like that. When it comes to scheduling that’s what we work hard at doing.

Michael: You’re not going to have guests for the second wedding arriving during the reception from the first wedding because you just got one wedding a day.

Kenzie: Right, one wedding a day. There might be a rehearsal down at the chapel but while the other reception’s going on but they’re on opposite ends of the campus. You’d never know each other were there.

Michael: Great. Well, we’ve been talking about Wedding Venues Tulsa with Kenzie Rhodes at Loughridge. Thank you for joining us.

Kenzie: Thanks.