Michael Staires: Hi, my name is Mike Staires and I’m at Loughridge and I’m talking today with Kenzie Rhoads. If you’re looking for a wedding venues Tulsa is a great place Kenzie and there’s a lot of great places in Tulsa to do your wedding. But why is Loughridge a great wedding venue in Tulsa?

Kenzie Rhoads: Yes, Loughridge really is one of the best wedding venues Tulsa has to offer, just with the 180 acres of natural scenery, the location of the venue. We’re 15 minutes from downtown, we are really close to Tulsa hills shopping center so there are multiple things that are just right in the area hotels for guests. The chapel and the big conference center that are probably our most popular places for the ceremony and reception you get the traditional style chapel, and then a customizable space for the reception that you can bring out everything that you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding.

Michael: Great and I want to talk a lot more about that. But I was just curious, what some advice that you would have to brides who are looking for wedding venues in Tulsa?

Kenzie: I would definitely say tour. Tour the venue, so many people will say that well the wedding venue in Tulsa might be too far, I’m in Oklahoma City or something, I would definitely say make the time to go tour then you have to see it in person.

Michael: Are there are there really brides that don’t really think that they need to tour?

Kenzie: There are some. Most of the time it’s they want to come see it in person before they put any money down, but some people you’d be surprised will just say, “Yes, I like the pictures is like -”

Michael: I was just thinking especially when you’re thinking of wedding venues Tulsa, I would think that Loughridge is unique in that it’s kind of a blank slate. I would think you definitely want to tour the site before you set something up.

Kenzie: Yes, definitely and as difficult as it can be to set appointments with a bunch of different Tulsa wedding venues, it just is well worth your time.

Michael: Then you say pick a season, not a day. We talked a little bit about this before. But tell me a little bit about why it’s best to keep your more of a date range and not a specific day?

Kenzie: Yes, absolutely. You don’t want to limit yourself if you go tour a venue and you fall in love with it but they don’t have a specific date that you’ve already told half of your family, then you don’t want to limit yourself and close yourself off to what the venue or anything else that you really liked. I would say definitely pick a season. We want to get married in the summer because we’re both teachers or we want to get married over Christmas break because we’re both in school or something. Pick a season, not a specific weekend.

Michael: Alright we’re talking about wedding venues Tulsa and the next thing I want to talk to Kenzie about is know your budget. Are there brides that come in and they really have no idea how much money either they don’t know how much stuff costs, or they don’t know how much they have to spend, either one would be a big mistake.

Kenzie: Yes, both. They don’t know how much things cost in this industry or the parents say, “Well, when we planned our wedding, we didn’t pay this much at all.” Wedding Venues Tulsa


Michael: Of course that was 30 years ago.

Kenzie: Yes, exactly. People just don’t know how much things cost. For most people, it’s the first time that they’ve ever really dug deep into this stuff so they really don’t know how much things cost or the bride doesn’t have an idea of the budget but the parents do and they don’t talk about it until they’re sitting in my office.

Michael: And so process all this in front of you.

Kenzie: Right, exactly. It really is just such a good idea to make sure look into what you want and try to get a feel before you get too far into the process. Try to get a feel for how much things cost if you have a friend that just recently got married ask her questions it’s not rude and then talk about that with whoever is going to be paying for the wedding whether it’s your fiance or your dad.

Michael: One more time when you’re looking at wedding venues Tulsa, does Loughridge in the middle ranges terms of how much you’re going to spend on your wedding?

Kenzie: Yes, it’s definitely in the middle range for the kind of venue that we are and the kind of feel and what we include I would definitely say it’s in the middle.

Michael: Now tell me what’s wrong with a bride thinking everything is important, everything is important? That she need to pick some things that are a few things that are going to be most important and try to prioritize from there?

Kenzie: Yes, absolutely. Everyone dreams of having your monogram on every single thing that is in the reception, but let’s just pick a couple of things and go with it and then at the end if there’s a budget left to put your monogram on the napkins then we’ll go for it. But yes, you definitely need to pick out what’s important. If it’s important to you to have a really cool video at the end of this, you want to put a lot of the money into the videographer something like that. If you know that you want a certain type of chair in a reception hall, you need to make sure that you talk about that upfront. There’s a lot of brides that will have little quirky wants or needs that you definitely need to be upfront about when you tour venue or talk to your wedding planner or anything.

Michael: I’m sure that sometimes you’ve got two conversations going on. You’ve got a conversation with the bride and she’s sky’s the limit and I want to do everything and then there’s the conversation with dad who says okay this is what we’re going to be able to do. I would imagine that those are some tough decisions when you have to figure out what to pay for.

Kenzie: Yes, definitely. Then it even goes further than that when the groom’s parents want to get involved and so it’s just you’re trying to please the bride and two sets of parents and sometimes your fiance cares and so yes, definitely you have to know what you want. You have to know what you and your fiance are going to look back on in 30 years and be happy that you did that at your wedding.

Michael: When you’re thinking about a wedding venue in Tulsa, why is it important to think aesthetically or when you think it’s ethically, what’s the difference between thinking aesthetically and thinking logically?

Kenzie: People will come in and they only think about how the room’s going to look, they don’t think about how they are going to be able to fit all of their guests in the room while both are important. Yes you want it to be aesthetically pleasing but if you have a guest list of 300 and the space only accommodates 450 seated, it’s just not going to work or some people for example don’t want to see a parking lot out a window because it’s not aesthetically pleasing but they forget that logistically, these 300 guests have to have a place to park. Both are important, both go hand in hand because even if your wedding is beautiful but people don’t feel welcome to important or have a place to park or something then they just go hand in hand.

Michael: Okay, I’ve got to ask you, have you ever had any quirky requests that people come to you say, okay now that we’ve got the overall, we really want to try to do this and it’s kind of something outside the box. Have you ever had anyone request something that’s out there?

Kenzie: Yes someone I’ve heard things where they wanted to cover the whole reception floor in rugs and just because they wanted a pattern on the floor, so that’s pretty quirky.

Michael: The reception area at Loughridge is not carpeted?

Kenzie: Right, it’s perfect dance floor but they wanted drugs throughout the whole reception, so that was a little different and some quirky things like ice cream bar that lasts four hours. This goes back to thinking, we have to think logistically and it’s very planning process and ice cream bar I’m sure would be great but you’re not going to be able to sit out for four hours and have it lasts the whole reception.

Michael: Okay, we’re talking about wedding venues Tulsa with Kenzie Rhoads at Loughridge and tell me a little bit about what happens when a bride — she wants to do one thing but her budget is not in line with what she really wants to do. Are those pretty tough conversations to have?

Kenzie: Yes they are. There’s ways around it. The DIY do-it-yourself is a whole trend I picked up a few years ago that’s still the case. There are ways and like I said, it goes back to picking what’s important to you.

Michael: The DIY, that’s just someone that wants to do everything themselves and there’s nothing wrong with that but they probably ought to go do that and uncle Charlie’s barn out at the farm and really do it all yourself and not try to engage with a professional.

Kenzie: Right. I believe that there’s some things that you can do yourself. If you wanted a board with your future last name on it to put above our mantel in our reception hall or something, that’s great. You can make that yourself. But as far as having a friend make cupcakes for your reception or something, I really think that you should leave it to the professionals.

Michael: Yes. We were talking about this before. That often times when those are huge traps to spoil relationships that last a lifetime.

Kenzie: Definitely.

Michael: If you have your best friend do the photographs or you have your sister or whatever do the cupcakes and there’s a mistake or there’s a problem, that’s not a good thing.

Kenzie: Definitely. I totally agree.

Michael: Well this is Mike Staires and I’m talking with Kenzie Rhoads about wedding venues Tulsa. Thank you for joining us.