Michael: Hi my name is Michael Stairs, and I’m director at one of the greatest Tulsa camps, Camp Loughridge. I’m the Summer camp director. That makes me in charge of all of the programming and the summer camp staff and all of the songs in the skits and the activities and all of that stuff that we do at Camp Loughridge. Everything that we do is designed to point kids to Christ. We’re looking for that time, that moment when a child’s heart opens up and all of a sudden for the very first time they understand their need for God, or they understand their purpose in life. Or they understand why their parents discipline them when they do wrong. They understand why they go to church. They understand why Christ died for them. They begin to understand all these things, and oftentimes we are privileged enough to be at that moment of discovery and it is a great place to be, and it’s a place that we don’t take lightly. Wedding Venues Tulsa

Every kid that comes to camp, we charged an average. There’s some camps are a little bit more in some camps are a little bit less. But the average cost of a week of camp is about $250 per child. That pays for all of their activities. That pays for their food, It pays for the camp, the camp staff salaries. That pays for all the activities for the facilities that we use, paying the electric bill for all that air conditioning, that pays for all that, but it doesn’t even pay in full everything that it costs to send a kid to camp. It only covers 80% – 90% of the total cost. Camp Loughridge raises money to cover the total cost. But in addition to that, there are a lot of places a lot of Tulsa camps that you could send your child to, but I really want to talk to you a minute about Camp Loughridge and what’s going on there. Wedding Venues Tulsa

I said that every week cost $250, and sadly we know that that just means that there’s a lot of kids in Tulsa who are not going to be able to come to camp. They just can’t afford it. That grieves us. We know how great a week at Camp Loughridge can be. A week at any Tulsa camp is going to be wonderful, But we believe a week at Camp Loughridge is going to be intentional and that there’s going to be some specific things that happen. When a kid isn’t able to come just because they don’t have enough money that’s tough.

I want to talk to you about a couple of things. First of all, I want you to consider making a gift to Camp Loughridge for the scholarship fund to help kids who can’t afford camp to be able to come to camp, That’s first. I think a lot of us can afford to send our kids to camp and we probably could afford to send other kids to camp as well. I want you to just consider making a gift to Camp Loughridge to the camp scholarship fund to send kids to camp who never been before and to have that moment of discovery on their own a very unique and special experience.

The other thing I want to talk to you about, If you are in a family where you can’t afford a week of camp or let’s say that you’re a children’s minister, you’re involved in the children’s ministry at your church, and you know that there are kids from families in your church who cannot afford or let’s say that you volunteer for an organization who works with the underprivileged here in our community, I want to talk to you for a minute. Last year, at Camp Loughridge we had funds in our scholarship account that were not used. We actually had money that went and awarded last summer. That really grieves us. We want every kid that can come to Camp Loughridge to be able to come. We’re wanting to be very intentional this year to reach out and to connect with those of you who know of underprivileged families, who work with underprivileged families, or children at risk, kids, schools, organizations, boys and girls Clubs. Who understand the value of a camp experience and want to do everything you can to help. That’s where we want to come in. We want to help get as many kids to camp this summer as we can, and we do that through our scholarship fund. Wedding Venues Tulsa

We do award many scholarship 100% scholarship funds which means we’re signing about $250 per child to get as many kids as we can to camp but that can be stretched to go even further. If we make some of those half scholarships so, your church or organisation comes in and fills the other half. If we if you can raise money for 10 kids or half scholarships from 10 kids then Camp Loughridge could pay the other half and we could get those 10 kids to camp. Just think about all of the things I’ve been talking about the power of camp experience and the discovery. Just think about those for kids who grow up with almost nothing and whose next meal is even not a certainty. But all of a sudden to be able to come to camp and be surrounded by a loving community and activities that they would never be able to do in their normal course of life. This is an experience that they will remember and may very well change the course of their life. Wedding Venues Tulsa

There are Tulsa camps, and then there are Tulsa camps. I think that Camp Loughridge rates right up there at the very top of a group of Tulsa camps that do a good job of reaching out into the community. We want to be among the best; we want to work with families, churches, and organisations that already have a burden for families who are underprivileged and there’s already the mechanics in place of providing services for those people. We are not an agency; we are not set up to work with under-privileged, non-stop year round. As you know, this is a full-time commitment, but we know that there are people in Tulsa. They’re all set up to work with this. We want to provide a week of camp to their kids through our scholarship fund. We want to talk with you. You can contact Camp Loughridge at camploughridge.org to get in touch with us about how you can connect kids with the families that you reach out to be a part of our summer camp program.

We have had a program in the past called Fill the Bus, and I want to just talk a minute about what that means. It doesn’t mean a literal bus but for instance, if a bus fits 30 kids, and if you’re able to bring 20 kids from your church who are paying the full price part of your children’s ministry then we would kick in with 10 scholarships that your church could award to families in your church who could not afford to come to camp on their own. Again, it’s a step above more than one step above Vacation Bible School because of everything that we’re going to do and be involved in. But it’s a step below an overnight commitment an overnight camp commitment.

I know that there’s going to be a specific niche within your church or within your organization that this will fit. There are some mums I know that are not quite ready for their child to go to an overnight camp. They may feel that their child is not ready for an overnight camp. I believe that that’s exactly the niche that Camp Loughridge can provide an experience for having a great day at Camp being able to sleep every night in their own bed and get tucked in by their mum and daddy. That’s an important part to play, and I’m certainly not asking kids to grow up too quick. That’s why I believe that day camp provides a great viable option for a lot of parents who may believe or may feel that their child isn’t quite ready for overnight camp. That especially goes to some of the kids that we reach out to with these scholarships. Wedding Venues Tulsa

Their lives are so uncertain and so tenuous and so full of insecurity all the time. That sometimes a day camp experience is better than going away for a full week. The scholarship program is alive and well at Camp Loughridge. We want you to either participate by considering being a donor to that program or to consider helping us place the scholarship funds with a needy children. The other thing that I want to put out there is that we work with kids who struggle with autism. We usually every week of camp we may have two or three campers who struggle with autism in some way, and we actually assign them a buddy, and a buddy is a specific counselor. Wedding Venues Tulsa

that is assigned to just them. It’s one-on-one situation. We have some children who suffer severely with autism but are still able to participate as they can in the camp experience. This is also money that we raise for what we call our autism inclusion program. Look no further when looking for Tulsa camps.

If you’re a parent of a child that struggles with autism or if you’re interested in supporting this program please contact us at camploughridge.org. Camp is a wonderful place, camp is an awesome experience for kids to have. I’m sold out and I believe that you should be too. It’s not too early to start thinking about sending your child to camp in 2017. Let us know and we would love to show you why we are one of the greatest Tulsa camps.